A new range of SHIMANO sunglasses is as good a reason as any to get excited about summer rides again. But with the introduction of RIDESCAPE the bar is raised for technical eyewear that enhances your ride, visibly. The five scene-specific lenses (road, gravel, trail, night, extra sunny) are scientifically tuned to emphasize colours and highlight the objects and surfaces unique to each riding environment, creating an unrivalled vision that has to be experienced to be believed.

Besides being scene-specific the lenses have a lightweight and ultra-clear Polyamide substrate. This makes them comfortable for day to day use and results in sharper vision compared to traditional polycarbonate lenses. So, there is less distracting you while riding, making you feel more comfortable and confident on the road or trails. 


When you start to really look for them, you will see the specific challenges that different kinds of rides throw at you. We’re not talking about inclines or a headwind but about the things you need to focus on. The road surface, traffic, trail conditions and obstacles. Details that you don’t want to miss. These details have varying contrasts, colours and your surroundings usually have a different ‘main tone’ as well. That’s why we developed five different scene-specific RIDESCAPE lenses, each serving its own purpose.


For those days when the sun is blazing out there and for riders in warmer climates that get a lot of extra sunny rides. It has a high reflectiveness value, keeping harsh light and reflections out which helps you spot changes in the grey tones (road surface).


These are the go-to, all round RIDESCAPE lenses. Made to work at an optimum in sunny road cycling conditions to enhance tarmac/road coloured objects and filter harsh and bright lights. The RD will keep your eyes cool and your vision sharp, helping you to see road surface details so you can focus and enjoy your ride.


Gravel rides are all about adventure, but even as you might be going a little less fast, you still want to see those potholes, ruts and rocks in time. The GR lens is fine tuned to the earth tones of gravel surfaces and helps you to better detect the subtle transitions between gravel, dirt and pavement.


Reacting to obstacles, objects and a changing course in a split second is what hitting the trails is all about. Because off-road colours are different from the road scenery, the OR filters less light. On those forest rides where the light changes rapidly, no root, rock or rut will remain unseen.


Riding in cloudy or low light conditions is already tricky enough. The CL lets as much light in as possible while minimising any distracting glare at the same time. It boosts darker shades and gives you that extra confidence when you hit the road in challenging weather conditions.  


Next to the scene-specific lenses SHIMANO has also revamped its range of top end sunglasses. The brand new S-Phyre R is clearly the pro’s choice. Ultra-light because of polyamide lenses and with a super comfy and grippy fit, these shades look and act the part. Swapping between four different RIDESCAPE lenses and choosing frame colours lets you finetune your view and your looks in a very personal way.

Also new is the Aerolite Panorama which offers even more. This aero rimless model wraps around your face, offering a protecting field of vision. It is compatible with ES and RD RIDESCAPE lenses.

Middle of the road doesn’t have to be dull. SHIMANO launches the Equinox4 half rim model. Its aggressive styling doesn’t just catch the eye, it makes these sunglasses extra stiff and sturdy. They’re compatible with Road and Off-Road RIDESCAPE lenses so if you’re a rider that likes both speed and dirt, the Equinox4 is made for you.

Last but not least the Technium is styled and developed for the trails. It boasts a sturdy full frame design and is compatible with RIDESCAPE Gravel and Off Road specific RIDESCAPE lenses. This bad boy will turn heads while making sure you miss no detail while bombing down the paths or trails.


With this extensive make-over of the range of sunglasses and lenses, SHIMANO answers the call for personal customisation in 2021. Riders want to show their personal look while knowing that they have the sharpest vision possible. RIDESCAPE combines style with science. Find the nearest SHIMANO dealer to experience the difference a well thought-out pair of sunglasses with scene-specific lenses can make to your next ride. See more, ride sure. RIDESCAPE.

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