Standard of strength, performance and durability

Our mission from the very beginning has been to design and build components that could withstand our own unforgiving, and often insane needs. Along the way, we’ve succeeded in defining a standard of strength, performance and durability that is now the benchmark for the entire hardcore Mountain Bike and Road Cycling world.

We firmly believe that your hardware should be the last thing on your mind when you’re screaming towards the edge. That’s why every Syncros component is built to deliver optimal, bomb-proof performance under the most brutal of conditions. A remarkable union of old world craftsmanship with attention to every detail, precision C.N.C. machining, custom drawn machining, carbon fiber and aluminum all supplied by the most prestigious companies in the world, Syncros components surpass the most exacting standards in the industry.

Through the years, our line of components has continued to shred into uncharted territory, forever pursuing the magical blend of strength, light weight and ergonomics. From familiar Syncros stems and saddles that are continuously being refined and perfected, to our new, ultralight RR1.0 Aero bar/stem combo, we continue to push the bounds of performance to new and yet unexplored heights.

At the center of our remarkable success is the Syncros team of committed (often literally) hardcore, local rippers and world-class designers. Our calendars are marked by trips to the mountains; from sunrise to sunset, from rocky trails to the painted roads of a famous pass, we love to breathe fresh air. We design components that we love to ride and tools that we use almost every day.

Since the very beginning, we’ve conceived, designed and crafted every Syncros component as though it was our very own. This has always been in direct response to our all-out approach to riding, to component building, and to life. Our hope is that our products have had or will have a place in all your best weekend adventures and favorite memories. We love what we do and Syncros is our way of bringing you a piece of that. From us to you, grab your bike and ride until the cows come home.

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