Support Cyclists is not just a slogan, but a real commitment at Selle Royal. Though in business for over 50 years, the company continues to evolve, listening to Cyclists and the Bicycle World to deeply understand needs, anticipating trends and become a social facilitator promoting a Bicycling Lifestyle. Support cyclists: literally with saddles, strongly with services, and culturally with stories. That’s our way to Support Cyclists.


Selle Royal Spa is a company from Vicentza, Italy, founded in 1956 by Riccardo Bigolin, producing saddles for bicycle. In 1965, a formal establishment of Selle Royal Sp.A. was made in Vicenza for the production and distribution of bicycle saddles. Polyurethan foaming production system was chosen in order to be able to maximize production across the chain. Selle Royal then released the first patent of vacuum technology for ergonomic shaped design production.

In the 90’s, Selle Royal Sp.A. developed and patented a revolutionary „soft-solid” material named as Royalgel™. Royalgel™ is the only saddle gel that doesn’t age, harden, or migrate, delivering unbeatable comfort and durability.

Today Selle Royal Spa is the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle saddles


Selle Royal offers a range of useful accessories, including lights and bags,
that can be easily attached to your SR saddle thanks to our Integrated Clip System. We also offer seat covers to protect your saddle.


To evolve you have to innovate, to move forward you have to look back. Technology powered, design inspired. One thing remains unchanged – our Comfort Experience.

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