Elite, a company of cycling enthusiasts, has been offering unique and cutting-edge products to the cycling world for forty years.

Elite is a group of people in love with cycling, and has been proposing cutting-edge and technological products for the cycling world for over thirty years. As a sportive group, we train, select ourseasonal objectives, decide tactics, and launch our samples to win the most prestigious goals.

Elite has been at the forefront of turning rollers and in-door trainers into personal training systems utilizing new resistance technologies, electronics, software and higher levels of realism such as 20% climbs, has created the world’s most famous and recognizable bottle cage and developed the first thermal bottle featuring Nanogel® based technology: these all exemplify the meaning of innovation.

We manufacture locally, based on an idea that turned out to be fundamental to achieve success: our partners work exclusively for us, so we are primarily focused on marketing and research rather than production.

We’re self-financed: all our investments come from resources that are the result of everyone’s work. That eliminates a bit of weight on a difficult climb. And we keep on growing.We have been specializing in R&D, production and marketing of hometrainers, bottles and bottle cages since 1979. Today, cyclists train on hi-tech hometrainers, use bottle cages and drink from technologically advanced bottles with unprecedented qualities and features.

“We’re lucky here at Elite, and we continue pedalling with our customers, people like you: we love the effort, we don’t compromise and we want the best, as we head towards the future. We believe it. Ride with us!”

Giulio Bertolo – CEO

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